It all started with yogurt...

When the magazine cover to the left appeared in May of 2005, no one imagined what it might lead to, least of all me. (That's me in the lower right corner.)


I was merely a writer in 2004 when I was hired by Stonyfield Farm, the organic yogurt company, to become its first Chief Blogger.  I actually got to create that title because, well, blogging was so new, nobody knew what to call me.  A consumer products company with a blog was unheard of in 2004. A consumer products company WITHOUT a blog is almost unheard of today. 


I credit Stonyfield Farm's CE-Yo Gary Hirshberg with having the foresight to see where this thing called blogging was headed. He always was ahead of his time.  Business Week took notice. So did a lot of other media.


And me? I haven't shut up ever since. I've spoken to huge gatherings in Portland, Oregon, Silicon Valley, Miami, and the Harvard Club in Manhatten. I've addressed senior citizens and college students, preservationists and bankers. I am frequently invited to be a guest speaker at Chambers of Commerce. I speak to newbie entrepreneurs through the Merrimack Chapter of SCORE and through the New Hampshire office of the Center for Women in Enterprise. 


As a full-time Stonyfield employee, I wrote and managed five blogs for Stonyfield until 2006, when I turned that experience into the consulting firm you see here. And, I continued to manage one of Stonyfield's blogs for a total of 10 years until it was put out to pasture in 2013! 


Halvorson New Media, LLC chugged along nicely creating company blogs until 2008, when Facebook happened. And then Twitter. And then LinkedIn, and then...well, you get the picture.  


It's hard for me to keep up sometimes, but that's my job.  I hope you'll allow me to help your company keep up with the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing.  


Social media is all about 

conversations. If you think you

could use my help, let's start one.