From awkward to awesome; the Video Marketing Mavens are making screen stars out of entrepreneurs

Over the last three years, Christine Halvorson and Nanette Perrotte have been teaching small business owners across New England how to plan and shoot their own videos for social media. 


The “Video Marketing Mavens,” as they call themselves, admit it’s an uphill battle.  


“We can get our students to understand the technology,” Halvorson says.  “Ultimately, they  ‘get’ the social media stuff, too. It’s the putting themselves on camera that they need help with.” 

To help more entrepreneurs, Halvorson and Perrotte have published their first “video bundle” Awkward to Awesome, The Video Marketing & Broadcasting Bundle —a collection of four tutorials about video marketing and camera presence, and four companion worksheets to reinforce the learning concepts. The $27 bundle also includes a customizable planning template.


“We’ve packaged these in short, bite-sized bits that won’t overwhelm, but they’ll inspire,” Halvorson says.  “Our goal is to build confidence.  The bundle is a great start for the newbie, and contains advanced tips for those who’ve been creating videos for a while.” 


Getting people comfortable on camera is where Nanette Perrotte of this duo enters the scene. Perrotte is a jazz performer, lecturer,  Berklee College of Music-trained singer, and a lifestyle coach.  As a voice coach, Perrotte is adept at helping talented people gain confidence on stage.  


That experience translates well into helping entrepreneurs gain confidence on camera, Perrotte says.  “We work with the most brilliant business owners around, yet they fear their knowledge will fly out the window when the camera’s rolling.” 


With gentle tweaks and some rock-solid tips, Perrotte coaxes business owners to embrace their expertise and face the camera head-on. “They know their stuff, and they know they know it. They just need to trust themselves more when making a commercial, or demonstrating their products on camera,” Perrotte says. 


Christine Halvorson runs Halvorson New Media, a social media marketing agency she founded in 2006, when blogging was the only social media widely available. “With each new social media site that came along, I had to learn it on my own just by trying things,” she says. “Workshops like the type I run now didn’t really exist when I started.”


Halvorson began offering the workshops as an offshoot of her consulting agency, through which she develops social media marketing plans and sometimes creates the content for her clients’ sites. 


“When video became the next big thing—and I mean LIVE video—I called on Nanette,” Halvorson says. She didn’t know Perrotte well, but had taken a yoga class from her  and interviewed her for a blog post.  “I noticed that she was using Periscope, a Twitter-owned live broadcasting app, and I thought, ‘Hey, I need to be teaching this, but I didn’t want to have to learn one more thing.”


“I messaged Nanette and asked if she was interested in co-teaching with me and she answered yes within a few seconds.”


Three years later, Halvorson and Perrotte have staged more than 20 webinars and workshops about video marketing and camera confidence.  They have also run a “video challenge” Facebook group that required participants to produce a short, live video every day.  “In five days, our students went from awkward to awesome on camera,” Perrotte says. “The improvement couldn’t have been more dramatic.”


“We get people ready to film and ready to take action,” Halvorson says. “They gain the confidence they need to communicate their message on camera.”

Topics covered in the Awkward to Awesome bundle include Storytelling; Breathing & Posture’ Using Video to Promote Events; and Voice and Camera Angles. The companion worksheets serve as checklists and tips to review with each new video project. They are Planning Your Video with Marketing in Mind, Confidence on Video, Steps to Confident Video-making, and Checklist: Steps to Confident Video-making.


Awkward to Awesome, The Video Marketing & Broadcasting Bundle is available at for $27.  Anyone who takes a workshop or webinar from The Video Marketing Mavens gets the bundle included, or it can be purchased separately as a short course in video marketing and technique. 


“It’s the first of many we hope to produce,” Halvorson says.  “Social media and video technology changes overnight, and we want to continue to offer our clients training that is as up-to-date as possible.”

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