This package of 4 instructional videos will help you create and get real results from your marketing videos. We walk you through

1) Storytelling

2) Breathing & Posture

3) Event Promotion Using Video, and

4) Voice and Camera Angle

You also get 4 PDFs of checklists and tips to help you manage your video marketing strategy.  Learn more about the package and about Chris and Nanette, the Video Marketing Mavens.


"Great vibe, great info”

"Nanette and Christine are very real people and totally relateable."

"Great class, want more; so informative; love you ladies.”

“Wow! I participated in the "Video Marketing and Broadcasting with Facebook Live" workshop today… this was the best workshop I have ever attended!"


Storytelling  - Every story has a beginning, middle, and end, but the most profound ones evoke emotion. The Muse Storytelling Process is my recommended way to inject emotion and engagement into your videos. This works perfectly in a Business-To-Consumer (B2C) context, but this can work well in a B2B context as well. The Video Marketing Mavens will go in-depth about how to use storytelling elements to really drive your message and connect with your audience.


Breathing & Posture - Breath control affects the range, volume, and speed of your speaking and practicing skills to improve breath control technique can vastly improve how you sound to your audience. Your posture plays a vital role in how you are perceived on screen. In this, the Video Marketing Mavens give you the best tips and techniques to improve your presence in your next marketing video.


Promote Your Event - If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a videos has to be worth millions easily. One great video can generate priceless feedback, awareness, and interest well beyond the time you publish it. Could using a promotional video mean your next event will have a sellout crowd?It’s certainly possible.


Voice & Camera Angle - Every well-chosen camera angle does four jobs:It delivers information. Wide shots provide context and closeups and inserts highly important details or emotions.It creates impact. Closeups enhance intensity; high and low camera angles suggest power or lack of it; off-level shots feel dynamic or even uneasy.It facilitates editing. Through contrast with the preceding and following angles, it lets the editor make invisible, or at least unobtrusive, edits.It enhances performance. Closer shots intensify performances; longer shots make them less intense.

From Awkward to Awesome: 4 Video Marketing & Camera Confidence Tutorials